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The Martial Arts Circle
Classes Offered:
  • Nurse, EMS, Mental Health, First Responder Protective Skills Program and Safety Awareness.
  • Safety Awareness and Personal Protection Classes for college bound students, and those wishing to defend themselves from today's aggressors.
  • Private Practical Street Defense
  • Traditional and Mixed Martial Art Classes
  • Flexibility Training

(SaDan/4th Degree Master Belt/ CT Certified Instructor)
 Call for Details: 203-687-2863


Gary has studied under Professor Stephen Best and Instructor Scott Hamilton Since 1988.  He Earned his 1st Dan in June of 1994 and his 2nd Dan in September of 1997.  He Earned his 3rd Dan on January 30th, 2005. On July 27th 2008, Gary attained the rank of 4th Degree Master Belt during an  unexpected and successful promotional exam given by GrandMaster Stephen Best. 

Gary has expanded his Martial Arts Training to encompass Small Circle Jujitsu from the New England Small Circle Jujitsu Academy in Woburn, MA under Sensei Ed Melaugh. 

Gary has obtained both Arrest and Control and  Triple Certifications in the L.O.C.K.U..P.  PoliceCombat System (C) (R).  He  he  completed the rigorous  Train the Trainer  Combatives Instructor Course in  the  L.O.C.K.U.P.  System under Lt. Kevin Dillon(ret.) and has since taught recruit level and advance level classes.  Along with the  L.O.C.K.U.P. Certifications, Gary is also CT certified in  Safety/Arrest and Control / Control and Restrain  010022013.

Currently, Gary continues to train in the Martial Arts, Tang Soo Do, Jujitsu Ryu (Similar to Sanuces) , and  Small Circle Jujitsu.  He further trains and instructs the Martial Arts as well as  the LOCKUP Combat System to New Recruits and to Seasoned Career Practitioners.
Special Thanks to
Founder and Grand Master 
Stephen L. Best
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NeVo Video Productions
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  • Audio/Video Transfers
  • Audio Enhancements and more.

Audio/Video DCJ Division
  • *Approved Vender for CT DCJ
  • Call for Details
  • Street Protection and Martial Arts Instruction
  • Private Lessons and Seminars Available
  • Equipment
  • Uniforms and Apparel
  • Training Gear

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