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Northeast  Mohegan Sun Event

Photography by CCCHR - gn

Barrett-Jackson 2018

Saturday 6/24/2017
What a day here at Mohegan Sun Casino for the 2nd Annual Barrett-Jackson North East Auto Auction Event.  CCCHR arrived and made their way back to the Winter Garage staging area and the Vender Tent.  There were so many cars, approximately 800 Classic and Collector cars going across the block this year. It is difficult to see and inspect all of this iron artwork.
Interestingly, according to Barrett-Jackson, the car auction market is changing a bit as far as new interested people entering the auto hobby.  This is tremendous as cars of the 80’s and 90’s are now becoming more collectable and Barrett-Jackson is at the forefront of this changing market. For example Lot #4  a 1982 DATSUN 280ZX with two tone orange and brown paint sold for $8250.00 and

Lot #14  a 1984 MERCEDES-BENZ 500SEL color black with beautiful real flame paint job an usual paint scheme for this model car, but done nicely hammered for $6,600.00.  In addition Lot #17  a burgundy 1996 CHEVROLET IMPALA SS went to a new owner for $13,200. 

Under the tent, we saw that vehicles have changed in the staging are readying for the block.  We also met up with Michael Irvine, a tremendously talented and outgoing artist, who was showcasing his works of watercolor auto art.  A truly breath taking, awe inspiring works of auto art was on display for all to see.  A professional architect / draftsman by trade, the realism, perspective, and orientation of his artwork utilizing a tough medium as watercolor, was an absolute delight to preview, and study.  I mention study because Michael’s art was so compelling to view, the longer you viewed his paintings the more you would discover. 

Michael Irvine's works of art is intriguing, and inspires you to inspect his paintings diligently to see what one can discover throughout.

CCCHR was able to conduct and edit this exclusive interview with Artist Michael Irvine at the 2 Annual Barrett-Jackson Northeast.

Click painting for interview by CCCHR.

Saturday was Eleanor Mustang day at Barrett-Jackson.  I love mustangs and the Nicholas Cage version of Gone in 60 seconds Mustang was pretty cool too; however, I always loved the Tobey version and all the cars he wrecked in the original film. So, seeing these cars come across the block was exciting.  These renditions of Eleanor were "HOT"!! So the list of these Mustangs are as follows:

Lot #667 was a one of a kind 1967 FORD MUSTANG CUSTOM FASTBACK Eleanor with a custom tan interior and is powered by a rare Ford 427 FE side-oiler big-block motor. Rated at 425hp from the factory, this engine contributed to the success of the Ford Racing legacy and sold for 67,100. 
Lot #718 is a very special 1968 FORD MUSTANG CUSTOM FASTBACK starting from an authentic S code 390 Fastback and restored meticulously which hammered down at an impressive $123,200.00.   
Lot #724  was a black and red 1968 FORD MUSTANG CUSTOM FASTBACK which was a coupe to fastback conversion custom build with an Eleanor body kit with a strong 351ci Windsor V8 engine, Stage 2 cam, and a T5 manual transmission with 4-wheel power disc brakes. This coupe to fastback conversion Eleanor style Fastback Mustang sold for $77,000. 
Lot #747  was another Coupe to Fastback build.  This 1967 FORD MUSTANG CUSTOM FASTBACK was beautifully done recreation with a newer rebuilt 428ci V8 with a Toploader 4-speed manual transmission and power disc brakes selling for $79,200.
One way to tell if a Mustang is coupe to fastback conversion is from the vin number.  The 01 in the vin depicts a coupe as 02 in the Vin depicts a Factory Fastback.  It is important to be sure that the conversion is done well for strength and safety purposes especially with the horse power that these cars are putting out.  Some of these Mustang builders can do amazing things with these builds.
Friday 6/23/2017

Heading on the auction floor on Friday was as exciting as ever. All eyes glued to the Auction Block to see the featured cars up for sale.  Barrett-Jackson and their entire staff hard at work for the viewers, bidders, and guests. Just another great showing.  Seeing the auction on TV is one thing, but experiencing the Barrett-Jackson Auto event live and in person is like no other.  A bidder can get truly up close and personal with the vehicle he or she may want to purchase.  And as for the spectators experiencing the excitement when the hammer falls is truly fantastic.  An auction Event like no other.
CCCHR arrived nice and early today via the back way to Mohegan Sun through CT RT3 and RT2.  Such a nice scenic New England ride as well.

As we arrived the Memorabilia Auction was underway in full swing.  We are heading out in the field to take photos of the beautiful cars that are set up within the building along the shops and boutiques. Stay tuned….

We went t the shopping and Boutique area to find exquisite vehicles scheduled for Saturday’s high-priced auction from 2 and 3 generation corvettes to Jaguar E-Types.  Everyone of these cars are said to fetch some big money as the cross the block on  Saturday's Auction.

     CCCHR - gn

Thursday 6/22/2017

The first day of the Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction here at the Mohegan Sun Casino.  The first day kicked off beautifully well with great cars at an unprecedented awesome values and hammer prices.  Winners of today's auction made out like the one arm bandits.  Great looking cars hammering down at impressive values.  Top three  sales were of approx. $60K, 48K, and 42K.  See for details.
For example  Lot# 39.1 a 1940 Packard 110 Club Coupe Color blue was restored to a like-new condition running and driving with a 3 speed transmission as if it was 1940 all over again sold for $23,650.
At the close of the Barrett-Jackson auction on Thursday 6/22/17, the total value of auto sales from Lot 1 to Lot 199 summed up the night at $$4,236,870.00

Keep in mind that there were not just 199 autos auctioned.  It is important to note that during the auction, you will notice Lot numbers depicting for example 72.1,72.2, 72.3 etc.  It was stated that Steve attempts to assign Lot numbers with a purpose, grouping these lovely vehicles with similar values and prospective sale prices in a fair representation of the vehicle types, history of the vehicle, and cost values.

     CCCHR - gn

Wednesday 6-21-2017
CCCHR arrived on Preview Day at the Barrett-Jackson North East Mohegan Sun Event. All is well here at the casino. Auctions of Memorabilia is currently under way and moving along nicely. A little lightly attended, CCCHR hopes to get some great photos of cars crossing the block in the next three days.
Stay tuned for Photos and briefings of this  2017 Barrett -Jackson event...........

Preview Day

As CCCHR checked into the media center we were met with coffee and refreshments. A much needed pick-me-up for the long ride into Mohegan Sun.  Once settled in, we set up the Facebook page and the NevoAV web site for information sharing.  CCCHR will like to extend an appreciation and a thank you to Barrett-Jackson event staff for inviting us back to Mohegan Sun for this wonderful Northeast Auto event.
Moving on to the Event Staging Area and vender tents, the event set –up was almost identical to last year which is made up of:
The large Auction Vehicles staging tent which included many vehicles getting ready to pass the block on Thursday 6/22/2017
The vender tent which was even larger than the staging tent, just remarkable, inside was Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Backdraft Racing and Vintage MotorSports AC Cobra Replica manufacturers and assemblers.  Barrett-Jackson memorabilia and clothing section was featured right in the middle as other Venders and manufactures surrounded the interior as well.

These cars below, Cobra Replicas, are just too sweet of a ride. We saw beautiful renditions of the cobras at the Barrett Jackson preview day from Factory Five, to Shelby Continuations and those in between like Superformance and Backdrafts.  There are other cobra recreations that were not displayed. They also had a couple up for auction. Artwork, every one of them.

I get impatient, so I like that there are companies that have rollers all ready to go and  all you need is the power train and your done.

The rollers  cost a little more than the FF5s but in the long run you may brake even with labor costs, etc and a drive train is still neded, but you’ll be driving your snake a lot sooner. However; if you’re the self proclaimed auto engineer and want a hands on approach and build every inch of your car yourself and experience like no other,  The Factory Five will fit the bill. FFR is located close by in Massachusetts.

Factory Five Cobra Kit
Factory Five Cobra Kit
Photography by CCCHR  / NeVo Video Productions

Numerous Venders surrounded the near by tents like: Factory Five Racing, Shelby Auto and Superformance, Continental Tire, crate motor manufactures, car product and more.
One of the most coolest attractions surrounding the outer area of the tents were the Car Manufacturers’ of Ford, Chevy, and Dodge and their test drive area and HOT Lap track.  After  some marketing protocols, red tape and computer surveys, you are able to test drive cars from each manufacturer, then the greatest fun ever, take a HOT lap in a performance car of your choosing with a professional, NO JOKE, driver.  Corvettes, Cameras SS, Ford Mustang GT 350, Dodge Challengers and Charger Hellcats were all available for these HOT lap white knuckle rides, Just Awesome!!.
CCCHR Crew were able to test drive the Camaro and the Mustang 300 Horse Power echo boost along with HOT laps in the Mustang GT350 and Corvettes.  Details to follow on these rides.

Click Photo for Chevy HOT LAP

The head to head is a tough one: I love the raw power and Sound of those Dodges especially the Hellcat Challengers and Chargers, The Mustang GT350, well I'm a ford guy so love it, The high revving RPMs and the acceleration of the GT 350 is incredible. The Camaro SS visibility was a little restricted but an extremely smooth and refined sporty car. The Corvette, well, the one I was in was just a down to earth performance car.

So the hard choice: For the fun factor: The Sound of raw power goes to the Dodge.  Nimbleness and quickness goes to the Mustang GT350.  Smooth and refined represents the Camaro. Over all seamless performance has to go the the Corvette.

My Winner: The Mustang GT350, but I am I'm a biased Mustang Fan and really like the looks of the car; however, I'd be happy with any of them.

Nearby, Mohegan Sun’s Winter Garage was converted into a Classic and Collector Car Showcase of Auction Vehicles, a beautiful sight of machinery and metal and fiberglass artwork. 

After hours of photo taking and drooling at the abundance of beautiful iron art of vehicles, CCCHR went and drooled for some tasty pie at Pepe's Pizza and polished off a Large Mozz 1/2 pepperoni, a must have if your swinging by.  Thanks Gary, better than ever at the casino.

    CCCHR - gn

Saturday June 25, 2016 - Final Auction Day

Saturday June 25, 2016

Mohegan Sun Arena, readying for Saturday’s Event. Photos of the somber Arena cleaned up and ready to go for Saturday’s action were taken.  Just an awesome site!! 
Good morning from CCCHR. I had my coffee and am ready to go.  This is the last day for Barrett-Jackson Northeast at Mohegan Sun Casino.  This event has been the Largest Event in attendance for both Barrett-Jackson and Mohegan Sun.  Staff was completely over whelmed, but adapted well to the sea of car lovers and enthusiasts.  This is truly a huge production and despite a couple of hiccups, this event went smoothly.  It was said that a contract with Mohegan Sun and Barrett-Jackson may be in the works to host the event for an additional 5 years.  We will see. Such a nice, active, fun event for all..
      -CCCHR G
CCCHR is concentrating on the Auction floor today (Saturday 6/25/16).  What action!!!! Cars are coming across the block and selling like hot pizza at Pepe’s.  And, anyone in the New Haven, CT area knows Pepe’s Pizza, that’s a lot of cars. 

 Since the closing of the first day on Thursday 6/23/16 and Friday 6/24/16 over $10.7 Million Dollars worth of fine automobiles have been exchanged hands in. “The Scenery of Machinery” (r)(c) gn has been magnificent.  From big bad muscle to exquisite classics and antiques, all are here at the Mohegan Sun Casino. 
After two days of Auction Sales the following tallies were reported: On Thursday 6/23/16, 172 cars were sold amounting to total sales of $3, 547,470.00. On the closing of Friday 6/24/16, 196 cars were sold amounting to total sales of 7,173,200.00.
Today, Saturday is hot.  More people are here than the past two days, Parking in all garages here at the casino were filled sooner that the prior two days.  They even had slow ticket sales.  One casino personnel stated that many workers were surprised and over whelmed with the attendance numbers, but the have adapted well and provided accommodations accordingly. A sea of blue Mohegan Sun shirts swarmed the complex to help patrons.  Most all of them were helpful and kind, thank you to all for your hard work during this event. 
             -CCCHR G 

Wow, the auction floor was dynamite with action.  As the CCCHR crew was out and about the rumble of the crowd roaring in amazement of an auction sale of over $205,000 for a 1966 Custom Ford Mustang -Ringbrothers “Bailout” Fastback. 
Although the Television Crew coving the event is truly top notch professionals and provide an incredible inter-active viewing experience, it can only give you half the experience.  It’s just incredible being here live.  While on the auction floor and personally feeling the action, and seeing the incredible sights, and hearing the sounds of excited people, the smell of V-8 power, and the sounds of the engines purring across the block is an auto experience like no other.  The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction Event here at Mohegan Sun Casino an impactfull experience for all involved.
Some of Saturday’s results:
LOT 632         66 Ringbrothers Custom Mustang Fastback              205,000
LOT 633         53 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup                                140,000
LOT 635.1      68 Shelby GT 500                                                        90,000
LOT 637         57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible                                     83,000
LOT 638         89 Lamborghini Countach 25 Anniversary               180,000
LOT 638.1      90 Ferrarri Testorossa                                                  18,000
LOT 638.2      06 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder                                92,000
LOT 639         09 Shelby 427 Super Snake Pace Car                          64,000
LOT 640         64 Chevy Corvette Custom Coupe                            137,000
LOT 641         61 Chrysler 300G                                                       110,000
LOT 642         69 Buick Grand Sport GS 400                                    62,000
LOT 643         05 Ford GT                                                                230,000
LOT 644         68 Pontiac GTO Ram Air II                                       120,000
LOT 645         69 Pontiac GTO Convertible                                       82,000
LOT 646         58 Mersedez-Benz 190SL Roadster                          105,000
LOT 646.1      55 Chevy Nomad Custom Wagon                             140,000
LOT 647         86 Ferrari 328 GTS Targa                                            82,000
LOT 649         88 Ferrari Testorossa                                                  130,000
LOT 650         70 Plymouth Hemi Superbird                                    275,000
LOT 652         55 Chevy Bel Air Custom Convertible                      175,000
LOT 653         13 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta                                           285,000
With an event such as this, the Production crew that is needed is tremendous; a pictorial of the staff, crew, and moderators in action will tell the story.  Not too many people realize the magnitude in pulling off such a large scale production event. It’s not just a car auction; it is a pure technological marvel of Television production, automotive vender event, entertainment coverage, informational transfer, large financial sales and fast pace customer service, showmanship and professionalism for an ongoing event of 3 days/ 18 hours.  A behind the scene look of all the hard work that when we watch Barrett-Jackson on TV, we just do not see all the effort only that everything looks good on your flat screen TV handing on your wall.

         -CCCHR G

The Northeast Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Comes to a close with an unprecedented event surprising some of the Mohegan Sun employees by the shear numbers of attendance.

This is clearly one of most attended events in Mohegan Sun History. Some under estimated the attendance numbers, but not Gary of The Mohegan Sun Casino, the Director of Convention Sales & Services. He stated that he knows this area well and knew that this venue would be a superb location to host the
Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction event. Well, after three days of success, it would be hard pressed to argue with his foresight, a job well done for this inaugural Northeast Barrett-Jackson event.
          -CCCHR G

Friday June 24, 2016

So here we are, CCCHR is back at the Barrett-Jackson Event at the Mohegan Sun Casino, an absolute beautiful day as well and the attendance is incredible.  Some areas are standing room only.

For Friday June 24, 2016, the First impressions of the Barrett Jackson Show were exciting, fun, chaotic, and fast paced. The glitz, the glamour of T.V. comes to the North East at Mohegan Sun.  The Barrett-Jackson auto auction event of we watch at home and are glued to our TV watching what these cars sell for is here in our state of CT. AWESOME!!!!!! It’s exciting to hear the auctioneer spewing out numbers so fast that it changes your own pace of activity. The energy is incredible!
            -CCCHR   C
As CCCHR was preparing for the day, our crew heard the rumble of car engines, but it did not seem to be the sound consistent with classic muscle car engines.  We looked over the wall of the Indian Summer Garage and saw 21 century modern muscle cars rounding the ready-made track of the Ford, Chevy, and Dodge Thrill Rides.  Beautiful Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers were racing around the track with ease.  The sounds of modern muscle are as strong as ever.

Gas Monkey Garage is featuring one of  their restoration 1955 Chevy 210 Custom Hardtop LOT 7001 here at Barrett-Jackson Northeast.
Their Chevy SOLD SOLD SOLD for $50,000K @ 7:00pm.

One of our crew’s wish list, See how it panned out.  Some results we have of sales thus far:
LOT 311         81 Chevy Corvette                   7,000
LOT 312         77 Jeep Custom                       13,000
LOT 316         66 Mustang Coupe                  12,500
LOT 319         69 Corvette 350                       26,000
LOT 328         28 Ford Custom Pickup          30,000
LOT 330         71 Ford Mustang Mach 1       27,000
LOT 332         69 Chevy Corvette                  33,000

Thrill Ride Friday June 24, 2016 – SRT Viper GT

The Viper GT was just incredible.  It handled great, I mean it took these hair pin turns just incredibly well.
The Drive, Andy stated, are you familiar with this car cause your in for a wild ride. And it was, the acceleration was spectacular, Braking was even better.  It felt like my brain, my stomach, and everything within was hitting the back of my body.  Just a COOL experience.

            -CCCHR Jr

Thrill Ride Friday June 24, 2016 – Dodge Challenger - Hellcat

Being a larger modern muscle car, I was not expecting the car to handle like it did. It slid a bit into the hairpin turns but recovery was great with only a slight slide into the turns. Acceleration and breaking was impressive. It definitely helps to have a professional driver. This makes all the difference in performance driving. Overall a great experience at the Dodge Thrill Ride.

Mopar Guys, Have a Blast!!!!
            -CCCHR G

Some Friday Auction Results:

LOT 440     1981 Pontiac Trans am SE Bandit 85,000
LOT 447     1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX  31 K
LOT 448     2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 20 K
LOT 449     1949 Chevy Pickup 3100 10 K
LOT 450     1950 Studebaker Custom 10 K
LOT 451     1971 Chevy Chevelle Malibu 10 K
LOT 452     1957 Chrysler Imperial 10 K
LOT 453     1963 Ford Galaxie 500 10 K
LOT 454     1954 Chevrolet 3100 28,500
LOT 455     1983 Pontiac Firebird 19,500
LOT 456     1966 Chevrolet Pickup 34,500
LOT 457     1956 International Scout 25, 000
LOT 458     2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 24,000
LOT 460     1990 Jaguar XJS Convertible 19,000
LOT 461     1931 Ford Model A 22,000
LOT 462     1972 Volvo Wagon 21,500
LOT 463     2003 Hummer H2 20 K
LOT 464     1966 Chrysler Newport 25 K
LOT 465     1966 Oldsmobile Toronado 10 K
LOT 467     1979 Pontiac Trans AM 32K
LOT 468     1978 Volkswagen Beetle 20 K
LOT 469     1970 Volkswagen Bus   20 K
LOT 471     Toyota land Cruiser 25 K

Thursday June 23, 2016 

It’s a beautiful morning to start the day off with your coffee, cars, and cruising to Uncasville, CT to Mohegan Sun Casino for the Inaugural Northeast – Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction Event.  This marks the very first time that this high scale, high powered, auto enthusiast, auction event come not only to the Northeast, but to Connecticut and the Mohegan Sun Casino. 
Mohegan Sun is also the end rally point location for our CCCHR Rally Ride Event, sponsored each year by NeVo Audio/Video Home Theater, in which Cobras, Classics, Hot Rods, and Modern Muscle cars cruise and travel the back roads of our state of Connecticut for charitable causes and benefits. 2016 will be the 8 annual ride and again it will end hear at Mohegan Sun Casino for a great charitable cause. 

CCCHR will be reporting, on this Inaugural Barrett-Jackson  event taken place at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.

We arrived at approx. 3:15 pm, no traffic, awesome time to come, went to get our Media passes, got settled in and ready to go.  The fast pass of the auction is incredible, I was ready to relax and kick back.  After hearing the fast pass of the auctioneer, I wanted to rocket out on the floor and take my photos galore. 
So far since CCCHR has been here the following results were in as of :
LOT 57           66 Chevy Monza Convertible - 13,500
LOT 57.1        85 Caddy Deville – 4,500
LOT 58           68 Dodge  Coronet Custom – 37,000
LOT 59           69 Chevy C10 Pick Up -22,500
LOT 60           80 AMC Jeep CJ5 -17,000
LOT 61           69 Chevy Chevelle -27,000
LOT 62           72 Rolls Royce Corniche – 14,000
LOT 63           67 Old Cutlass 442 – 26,500
LOT 65           85 AMC Jeep CJ7 SUV – 26,000
LOT 66           66 Ford Mustang GT – 18,500
LOT 67           67 Chevy Caprice 24,0000
LOT 3000       69 Chevy Custom Camero Convertible – 100,000

Walking around the casino facility seeing the set up that Barrett-Jackson underwent here was truly spectacular.  Such a nice flow of the event, venders, the people are having a wonderful time here at Mohegan Sun.  The arena is full with car enthusiasts enjoying the show.
LOT 72           69 El Camino custom – 35,000
LOT 73           73 Ford Mustang Convertible - 37,000
LOT 74           54 Nash Rambler Custom Wagon -45,000
LOT 76           36 Studebaker Dictator 4 dr - 25,000
LOT 77           67 Chevy Chevelle 396 - 30,000
LOT 78           67 Chevy Camaro Convertible - 35,000
LOT 79           59 Chevy El Camino-35,000
LOT 107         67 Ford Fairlane - 30,000


So, CCCHR closes up for Thursday night. We were able to get some more results in between photos and just enjoying the “Scenery of Machinery” ..
The following results are reported:
LOT 145         15 Harley-Davidson – 14,000
LOT 147         73 TVR 25009 Coupe – 25,000
LOT 148         88 Mercedez-Benz – 17,000
LOT 149         87 Buick Grand-National – 22,000
LOT 151         01 Juguar XK8 Convertible -14,000
LOT 151         05 BMW z4 – 15,000
LOT 153         58 Austin Healy Convertible – 8,000
LOT 158         79 Volks Wagon Beatle Convertible – 15,000
LOT 159         99 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Convertible – 14,500
LOT 161         00 Porsche Boxster S Convertible – 17,000
LOT 162         82 Mercedes-Benz Sl 380 – 12,000
LOT 164         74 Mercedes-Benz Slc Concertible – 10,000
LOT 165         85 Jaguar XJS -11,000
LOT 166         00 Jaguar XJ8 convertible – 15,000
LOT 168         98 Jaguar XJ8 convertible – 13,500
LOT 169         98 Mersedez-Benz SL 500 Convertible – 13,000
LOT 172         95 Chevy Camaro z28 Convertible – 9,500
For the first night here at Barrett-Jackson Mohegan Sun Northeast Event, The crowd was enthusiastic and it appeared everyone was having a good time here at the inaugural event.  Nice cars, nice people, and some good deals. Congratulations to all the sellers, and we wish all the buyers plenty of fun cruising times ahead.
CCCHR had a wonderful first night and look forward to the fast pass auction action of Barrett-Jackson in the days ahead.


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